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Reserve and Rates

See our reserve amount of several currencies and current rates

Exchange Rates Now
Currency Buy At Sell At
RedotPay - USD
51.50 L.E 38.00 L.E
Binance ID - USDT
51.50 L.E 47.00 L.E
FaucetPay - USDT
51.50 L.E 45.50 L.E
Etisalat Cash - L.E
1.00 L.E 1.00 L.E
Perfect Money - USD
51.50 L.E 45.50 L.E
EpayCore - USD
51.50 L.E 37.00 L.E
8.00 L.E 4.00 L.E
Payeer - RUB
0.80 L.E 0.30 L.E
Payeer - USD
51.50 L.E 46.00 L.E
Teather(TRC20) - USDT
51.50 L.E 47.00 L.E
Vodafone Cash - L.E
1.00 L.E 1.00 L.E
Our Reserves
Currency Reserved
Binance ID - USDT
2,591.56 USDT
EpayCore - USD
74.77 USD
Etisalat Cash - L.E
277,468.38 L.E
FaucetPay - USDT
19,400.54 USDT
Payeer - USD
3,441.73 USD
Payeer - RUB
143,690.26 RUB
Perfect Money - USD
4,800.68 USD
RedotPay - USD
4,974.70 USD
Teather(TRC20) - USDT
3,595.56 USDT
9,291.71 TRX
Vodafone Cash - L.E
76,100.00 L.E

Our Special Features

We support the most secure services and features. This secured website supports a user-friendly interface and various attractive features that ready to use.

24/7 Support

We are here for you. We provide 24/7 customer support through e-mail and support tickets.


Our platform supports all types of cryptocurrency having an easy deposit and withdrawal system.


We are highly reliable and trusted by thousands of people. Your security is our top priority.

Fast Transaction

We support fast transactions all over the world. With Easy Money Exchanger sending money is simple, quick, and hassle-free.

Low Transparent Fee

We make sure that you are able to send as much money as possibles, we offer the best exchange rates possible here.

Safe and Secure

We value your money and your privacy. We have deployed the best systems to ensure that your money and your account.













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أخيرا لقيت منصه صادقه ... الف شكر ليكم وأن شاء الله مش هتعامل غير هنا
أحمد فيصل
شكرا ليكم بجد .. منتهى المصداقيه والود فى التعامل
من أكثر المنصات مصدقيه وسرعه

How To Work

Follow the following steps

Pair Your Currency

Select the sending ad receving amount with currency

Confirm Your Exchange

Send the amount need to be sent with valid payment information

Get Expected Currency

Confirm your payment to get your accepted currency

Frequently Asked Question

Some frequently Asked Questions

Is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) mandatory?
All the clients who have signed up to on the site, are required to perform additional authorization at the following stages online: - Login - Adding or managing beneficiaries - Instructing a payment or booking a site
How To Create an account?
If you want to open an account for personal use you can do it over the phone or online.<div>Opening an account online should only take a few minutes</div><div>You need to register to the site and just login to the site using the userid and password</div>
In which forms can I buy foreign exchange?
You can choose to buy foreign exchange in one or more of these modes: cash/currency notes, traveller’s cheques and prepaid multi-currency forex cards. Most people prefer to carry their currency in a combination of cash (generally for smaller expenses) and prepaid multi-currency cards which can be swiped at merchant outlets or used to withdraw cash at an ATM.
How To Exchange Currency?
Always decline if given the opportunity to charge your purchase in USD. This may bring hidden transaction and conversion fees that will amount to much more than charging your purchase in the local currency. Insist that all purchases are charged in the local currency. There are always financial risks involved with traveling internationally, which is why it is important to take extra precautions making exchanges, purchases, or withdrawals abroad

Our Latest Exchange

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User Sent Received Amount Date
Ahmed nashaat FaucetPay Etisalat Cash 5.00 USDT 227.50 L.E
2024-07-16 03:59 PM 2 hours ago
fathy mohamed Vodafone Cash Payeer 224.00 L.E 4.35 USD
2024-07-16 02:28 PM 4 hours ago
sleman qtawe Binance ID Vodafone Cash 100.00 USDT 4,700.00 L.E
2024-07-16 12:32 PM 6 hours ago
Amr Amr Teather(TRC20) Vodafone Cash 54.00 USDT 2,538.00 L.E
2024-07-15 10:00 PM 20 hours ago
ashraf salah Binance ID Vodafone Cash 12.00 USDT 564.00 L.E
2024-07-15 08:05 PM 22 hours ago
Mohamed Wahab FaucetPay Vodafone Cash 10.00 USDT 455.00 L.E
2024-07-15 07:33 PM 23 hours ago
Ahmed Shalan Etisalat Cash Payeer 100.00 L.E 125.00 RUB
2024-07-15 05:51 PM 1 day ago
hussien hassan Vodafone Cash Binance ID 2,575.00 L.E 50.00 USDT
2024-07-15 05:36 PM 1 day ago
ahmed abdelfatah Vodafone Cash FaucetPay 140.00 L.E 2.72 USDT
2024-07-15 05:12 PM 1 day ago
hussien hassan Vodafone Cash Binance ID 1,030.00 L.E 20.00 USDT
2024-07-15 01:44 PM 1 day ago
Mohamed And El rasoul Binance ID Vodafone Cash 86.00 USDT 4,042.00 L.E
2024-07-15 09:53 AM 1 day ago
Metwelly amin Vodafone Cash Payeer 4,000.00 L.E 77.67 USD
2024-07-14 10:26 AM 2 days ago
hussien hassan Vodafone Cash Binance ID 1,030.00 L.E 20.00 USDT
2024-07-14 09:43 AM 2 days ago
mouhumeed Ibrahim TRON Vodafone Cash 150.00 TRX 600.00 L.E
2024-07-13 10:31 PM 2 days ago
Ahmed Esmat FaucetPay Vodafone Cash 73.00 USDT 3,321.50 L.E
2024-07-13 06:32 PM 3 days ago
ahmed abdelfatah Vodafone Cash FaucetPay 120.00 L.E 2.33 USDT
2024-07-13 01:16 PM 3 days ago
Ahmed mostafaaalgawad Etisalat Cash Payeer 159.00 L.E 3.09 USD
2024-07-13 12:29 PM 3 days ago
Youssef Taha Binance ID Instapay 53.00 USDT 2,491.00 L.E
2024-07-13 07:19 AM 3 days ago
amr ibrahim FaucetPay Vodafone Cash 5.00 USDT 227.50 L.E
2024-07-13 05:17 AM 3 days ago
شاذلي محمد حسين Teather(TRC20) Vodafone Cash 40.00 USDT 1,880.00 L.E
2024-07-12 10:01 PM 3 days ago

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